Saturday, October 25, 2008

Litchfield County's presidential record

2004: Litchfield County was the only county in Connecticut four years ago to favor President George W. Bush over Democrat John Kerry. The vote was 50,160 to 44,647. Ralph Nader, incidentally, picked up 1,054 votes running as an independent candidate, of which, only 89 came from his hometown of Winchester.
Litchfield County, in fact, was the only county in all of Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Vermont to vote Republican.
2000: No Connecticut county supported Bush in 2000, when Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman was on the ticket with Al Gore. But Litchfield County came closest, with 39,172 votes for Bush and 41,806 for Gore-Lieberman. Nader, running with the Green Party, did much better that time in Litchfield County, picking up 5,413 votes, including 515 from his hometown.
1996: Litchfield County supported President Clinton over Bob Dole, 37,375 to 31,645, in 1996, but also cast 9,646 votes for independent Ross Perot.
1992: Litchfield County backed President George H.W. Bush over Clinton in 1992, 34,492 to 33,686, but Perot drew a strong 26.4%, or 24,639 votes.
1988: The last time a Republican ever won all counties in Connecticut was in 1998, when George H.W. Bush trounced Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis. Litchfield County supported Bush, 44,637 to 34,227.
1984: The last time there was a Republican landslide in Connecticut was four years earlier, when President Reagan won re-election over Walter Mondale, and Litchfield County supported him 52,583 to 26,564.
1980: When Reagan was first elected in 1980, he won 38,725 votes in Litchfield County to President Jimmy Carter's 26,705 and independent John Anderson's 10,027 votes.
1976: Four years earlier, Litchfield County supported Carter's opponent also, favoring President Ford 40,705 to 32,419.



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