Friday, November 28, 2008

Rell: Agencies should be 'shovel ready'

Gov. M. Jodi Rell today announced that in anticipation of a federal stimulus package she has directed state agencies to identify those infrastructure projects, including road, bridge, rail and public buildings and economic development and housing initiatives that have received all necessary permits and, as appropriate, final designs.

"We will be ready to begin these projects as soon as federal dollars are available,” Rell said. “I have said all along that the best economic stimulus is jobs, jobs, jobs. We want these projects to be shovel-ready to get people working as soon as possible.”

The governor has directed the Departments of Public Works, Transportation and Economic and Community Development to prioritize those projects that are ready to be undertaken subject to federal funding. She has written to President Bush, Congressional leaders and the
Connecticut Congressional delegation urging timely passage of a second stimulus package that focuses on investments in public infrastructure, Medicaid reimbursement funding and money for unemployment benefits.

The governor is also meeting with President-elect Obama on Tuesday in
Philadelphia with other governors to discuss the specific needs of states. Rell said she plans to emphasize that infrastructure monies should be 100 percent federally funded rather than having states provide the traditional 20 percent match.



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