Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Town leaders discuss revaluation inconsistencies

TORRINGTON — Not meeting deadlines and apparent inconsistencies with Total Valuation Services were the topics of choice for two town leaders who met Tuesday.
Torrington Mayor Ryan Bingham met with Washington First Selectman Mark Lyon to discuss the revaluation job conducted by the Waterbury-based company. Bingham said both Torrington and Washington experienced similar situations, in which both municipalities were “put into a time crunch by a lack of meeting deadlines” on part by Total Valuation.
The town leaders did not discuss the actual assessment process, because neither of them are professional assessors, Bingham said.
The meeting, overall, went “very well,” he said, as common denominators were discussed about the revaluation process. Several residents from both Washington and Torrington have experienced issues from the process, he said.
Whether there has been a major error on part of the Total Valuation cannot be determined right now, Bingham said.
“It’s important that (residents) go to the informal hearings to make the company aware,” Bingham said.
Leo DiNicola, Total Valuation spokesman, said about 10 percent of residents in each of the 31 municipalities the company covers have requested hearings. Bingham said he could not determine whether that was an accurate estimate.
“We really won’t be clear on that until the hearings are over,” he said.
Hearings are held at City Hall and will be available until Feb. 23.
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