Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rell: DOT ‘Shovel-Ready’ projects on schedule

Governor M. Jodi Rell announced today that the state’s Recovery Working Group approved more than $200 million in federal stimulus transportation projects to quickly create jobs on dozens of statewide transportation projects, including bridge replacement and repair, road paving and traffic signal work.
“We literally want shovels in the ground and people hired by next month,” Governor Rell said. “It is essential we put people back to work and money back into our economy as soon as possible. These projects will do that as well as improve the condition and safety of our roads and bridges.”
Under the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), Connecticut is in line to receive $302 million for highway infrastructure projects and, of that; approximately 30 percent must go to local and regional projects. The remainder – just over $200 million – will be used for projects the Governor and DOT submitted to the Recovery Working Group today. (See list below and on Connecticut stimulus Web site: www.recovery.ct.gov).
“We have been preparing for weeks to expedite these projects, literally have them shovel-ready,” Governor Rell said. “Now with this approval, we intend to have these projects underway by the spring construction season.”
Governor Rell assembled the Recovery Working Group last month to help identify projects that qualify for federal stimulus money. The panel includes state officials, lawmakers and representatives from municipalities.
Overall, Connecticut will receive about $3 billion in federal stimulus dollars. Approximately $1.65 billion is in direct aid and grants while $1.3 billion is in the form of Medicaid assistance. The federal government estimates the ARRA will create and/or save more than 40,000 jobs in Connecticut.
“Washington will be watching to see how states use the billions of dollars in taxpayer money that make up the stimulus package,” Governor Rell said. “Connecticut is ready to move quickly on a number of critical projects that will ultimately get us back on the road to recovery.”

DOT Projects under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

· Trumbull/Fairfield: Merritt Parkway safety improvements, resurfacing, bridge improvements. $70.8 million.

· Branford: Reconstruction of Route 1 Amtrak Bridge. $73 million

· Statewide: Resurfacing. $18.8 million

· Northwestern Connecticut: Joint replacement of various bridges. $5 million

· Enfield: Rehabilitation of the Route 5 Bridge over I-91. $7 million.

· Westport: Rehabilitation of Hales Road Bridge over Metro-North rail lines. $4 million.

· Old Saybrook: Replace joints on Baldwin Bridge on I-95 over Connecticut River. $5 million.

· Ashford: Rehabilitate Route 89 bridge over Mount Hope River. $1.45 million.

· Statewide: Repair/replace overhead sign supports at 20 locations. $5.6 million.

· Manchester: Install traffic control signal at Slater Street/Circuit City driveway intersection. $300,000.

· Statewide: State Traffic Commission-required traffic signal installation. $7 million

· Statewide: Roadside safety improvements. $4 million.


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Let's use all non union workers get more bang for our buck. But that will never happen it makes to much sense.

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