Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blondin for secretary of the state?

When Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy, an all-but-announced candidate for governor in 2010, visited The Register Citizen two weeks ago, he was asked if he thought the name of one of his local supporters, Litchfield Democratic activist Audrey Blondin, would be on the statewide ballot with him.

Blondin briefly ran for secretary of the state four years ago until incumbent Democrat Susan Bysiewicz decided to abandon a gubernatorial run and seek re-election. With Bysiewicz a lot more likely to run for governor this time – against Malloy in the Democratic primary – Blondin is again weighing a run for secretary of the state.

Malloy’s response? He hopes not. He wants Blondin’s full attention given to drumming up support for his gubernatorial run in Litchfield County.

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