Monday, March 1, 2010

Greenberg will speak at Torrington Rotary

Mark Greenberg, Republican candidate for the 5th Congressional District seat currently held by U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, will speak at the Torrington Rotary Club meeting at noon tomorrow (Tuesday, March 2) at the Torrington Elks Club.
The club has already heard from one of Greenberg's Republican primary opponents, Justin Bernier, who spoke last fall.
Greenberg will speak to more Rotarians on Thursday, this time at the Litchfield-Morris Rotary Club.
Here's a bio provided by his campaign:

"As an independent businessman and entrepreneur, Mark Greenberg has dedicated his life to improving his community. He knows firsthand what it takes to create and sustain jobs, as he has done over the last 30 years, providing a livelihood for local families.

"After graduating from Cornell University, Mark founded two successful companies. His first company, Adirondack Mobile Telephone and Adirondack Radio Telephone, supplied mobile telecommunication service throughout upstate New York. It was also the official provider of pagers and mobile phones used during the Winter Olympic Games in Lake Placid New York.

"In 1980, Mark created MGRE, a firm that is now one of the largest real estate management firms based upon residential properties managed.
Mark invested in our communities by opening several local businesses including The Market, a food market specializing in natural fish, meat, and groceries and Goshen Hardware, an old-time hardware store servicing the northwest corner.

"Mark and his wife Linda founded The Simon Foundation, Inc, an animal rescue shelter, which has helped adopt more than 500 dogs to loving homes. The foundation is slated to open its new Bloomfield, Connecticut rescue facility in December 2009.

"Mark and Linda live with their four young children in Northwest Connecticut."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this paper usually posts nothing about greenberg.only once it did and mentionedd he's a small business man from litchfield. i worked for this clown.he cares about nothing other than himself.along with the property he owns in litchfield,he also owns 15 other pieces around litchfield & hatrford county.strip malls,office buildings ,kennels.he treats his tenants like crap.he's a high priced slum lord.he never pulls permits for any work that needs done on his southbury he was told by the zoning and building dept "cause you own property here doesnt mean you can do what you want ".his maintenance company ( clearwater of litchfield ,run by mike titus ) ,has no clue how to repair anything.nobody there has a trade license. half barly a drivers license.untold number of illegal labor laws broken.,white out time cards,hidden cameras,overtime work but not paid for,work holiday with no pay. all with greenbergs knowledge and consent.this guy is a joke. i had to take him to court to get paid for workmans comp he withheld .

March 11, 2010 at 7:55 PM 

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