Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Working families party endorses Malloy/Wyman

Democratic nominees for Governor and Lt. Governor Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman received the endorsement of the Connecticut Working Families party on Monday.

In making their endorsement, Working Families leadership stressed Malloy's "years of experience creating new jobs, expanding access to health care, and improving local education" as well as Wyman's "demonstrated commitment to issues that matter to hard working people throughout Connecticut."

Julie Kushner, co-chair of the Connecticut Working Families Party said that they are proud to support Malloy because we need a Governor who is committed to the issues and the values of middle class working families.

Working Families is an independent party that focuses on the bread and butter economic issues that matter most to working class and middle class families. Because of the endorsement from Working Families, Dan Malloy will be listed on the November ballot twice: on the Democratic line and on the Working Families line.

"My working class upbringing helped shape my values and my priorties every day as Mayor of Stamford for fourteen years, and they'll shape who I am as Governor," said Malloy. "Good jobs, high-quality public schools, access to affordable health care, a fair system of taxes that doesn't overburden the middle class. These ideals form the backbone of the Connecticut I grew up in, and they're what will make Conencticut great once again. I look forward to partnering with the Working Families Party and with families throughout Connecticut as we work to build a better Connecticut in the years ahead."

"Growing up, I watched my father work three jobs just to make ends meet," Nancy Wyman said. "I understand what Connecticut families are going through during these tough economic times. I'm confident that Dan and Iare well prepared to help turn Connecticut around for those families, and for their children."


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