Thursday, March 3, 2011

Representative Michelle Cook honors Girl Scouts at Advocacy Day

State Representative Michelle Cook of Torrington (D-65th District) discussed school bullying laws during Girl Scout Advocacy day at the State Capitol. Girl Scouts from across the state met with legislators to show their support for An Act Concerning School Bullying Laws (HB 5535).
Rep. Cook, a co-sponsor of the bill said, “The girls are very committed to reducing bullying in schools and cyber-bullying on the internet. Some shared personal experiences with bullying which made the meetings powerful and particularly meaningful to legislators.”
The Girl Scouts have their own program, Girlz R.U.L.E. which is an outreach curriculum-based program that embraces girl leadership and challenges young women to take steps to reduce conflict, aggression and violence.
“These young women are learning valuable skills to better manage situations once thought to exist only in high school, such as; put downs, rumors, sexual harassment, bullying and violence,” said Cook. “Too often little conflicts go unnoticed and perpetuate until the situation gets way out of hand. This program builds awareness and empowers them to move from a bystander or victim to a problem-solver.”
In 2010, Rep. Cook helped organize a Capitol Girl Scout troop made up of women legislators who are strong, positive role models for every Girl Scout in Connecticut.
According to the Girl Scouts, approximately 44,000, or 15 percent of 5-18 year old girls are enrolled in a Girl Scout program in Connecticut.

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