Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lieberman welcomes Secretary of Defense Panetta to Groton

Lieberman's statement welcome Panetta to Groton:
“I am very pleased that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta was able to take the time to visit Groton and see first-hand the excellent work being done by Electric Boat at one of our nation’s most important shipyards. I applaud Secretary Panetta’s candor in explaining the dire consequences for our military if the debt committee fails and automatic cuts are implemented. Here in Groton, as Secretary Panetta will see, the development and production of the Virginia-class attack submarine has proven to be a model program in providing a critical, versatile capability on time and at a stable price. If we are to cut budgets, we should be careful to sustain such successful programs and look to them as examples for how to make our military procurement more cost-effective in the future.”



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