Friday, October 31, 2008

Joe Visconti fires back over newspaper's Larson endorsement

Republican 1st District congressional candidate Joe Visconti is not happy about the way he was described in The Register Citizen's recent endorsement of incumbent U.S. Congressman John Larson. Below is Visconti's response, which will be printed in the print edition of tomorrow's Register Citizen. CLICK HERE to read the endorsement he's responding to.

Register Citizen Unprofessional and Irrelevant

The unfortunate descent by the Register Citizen's publisher into personal attacks and gutter language while ridiculing my campaign in its endorsement of John Larson (barely) is both unprofessional, and ultimately irrelevant.

I spoke with a roomful of area businesses owners at the Elks Club recently, answering questions on my approaches to government, national security, energy policies, immigration and many other concerns, all while this paper's publisher sat listening. Yet, rather than giving a professional report on the differences between my positions and the incumbent Democrat's, the Register publisher refers to me as a "loudmouth!"

My positions often have not been reported to this paper's readers, despite my campaign sending regular news releases and alerts. Obviously the Register Citizen seeks to misinform on one hand, and keep its readers in the dark on the other. It is no wonder that Americans rate the news media lower than the 9 percent approval rating we give Congress!

These positions are spelled out clearly on my website The news releases that were not reported by this paper also are posted there. See for yourself what I believe!

In our debates I have pointed out that John Larson is the face of what is wrong in Congress. I invite voters to decide whether you think the incumbent has done a good job, or is the problem, not the solution?

I have campaigned by using the Internet and good old-fashioned legwork. I have visited every town in this district repeatedly, met with the voters, the taxpayers, and community leaders. I have been here in person to answer questions and concerns. Where has the incumbent been when voters want to question or challenge his advertisements?

Voters can compare what John Larson has done both in Congress and for this area in the last 10 years, with my method. Larson has taken a "hands off" approach, meaning he never shows up, and thinks more of furthering his Congressional career than the voters.

I will regularly visit every town in the district, meet with the citizens, and work in Congress toward the betterment of our communities, our state and our country. Please compare that attitude with the incumbent's record, and then ask yourselves, will anything change in Congress if we follow the dictates of a biased publisher and re-elect an absentee landlord posing as a Representative?

Joseph Visconti

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