Saturday, October 25, 2008

Winsted budget rejection, Part 4

Well, Winsted voters have rejected a town budget for the fourth time this year, something that seems to surprise selectmen each time, even though it maybe shouldn't be too surprising that a budget with only a $67,000 difference in spending from the original $32 million-plus proposal would get the same result over and over again.

Click on the headline below for the breaking news story from The Register Citizen:

Winsted rejects budget for fourth time
WINSTED - Voters in Winchester rejected a proposed town budget for the fourth time this year on Saturday, 1,005 to 772.

It will be interesting to see how this fourth rejection, only 10 days from the Nov. 4 election, will affect a collection of charter change proposals on the Winsted ballot. One of them is a proposal to limit the number of times that voters can decide on the budget. If they don't vote "yes" on some kind of budget prior to August, the charter change calls for an automatic 3 percent spending increase over last year's budget to take effect.

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