Monday, November 3, 2008

It's the calm before the storm. Doors are getting knocked on across Connecticut and, though many are predicting an Obama win, the question arises: "What if McCain takes it?"
Race riots? If a Broward County, hanging chad-type situation robs Obama of the Oval Office, a la Al Gore in 2000, can we expect another Al — Sharpton — to raise all sorts of a ruckus?
Locally, Ruwet looks like she'll retain her seat, though the major upset could come in the 63rd district.
Bill Riiska. It took guts for him to throw his name into the hat, robbing Rigby of an all-but-certian win. He probably won't, owing to the difficulty of the situation (voters must actually scribble his name into the little box. He's probably having a tough time getting his name known at all). But what if he wins? Write-ins have won before in this state and others, though with only six days to campaign, his chances are slight. It would be the upset of all upsets. Dewey beats Truman? Hah! Riiska beats Rigby would take the cake.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The complete lack of regard for the alleged victim in this Wilber case is sickening. Where are all of the "pro-women" groups and whay have they been silent on this issue. Could it be because Wilber is a Democrat? You better believe it.

November 3, 2008 at 4:57 PM 

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