Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Healy for Caligiuri, and Bernier left behind?

Today, Connecticut GOP Chairman Chris Healy tipped his hand — he wants Sen. Sam Caligiuri to run against Chris Murphy.
"Over the last few weeks, State Senator Sam Caligiuri and I have discussed his candidacy for statewide office. After much thought and discussion with other leaders and activists, I have urged him to focus his energies on the Fifth Congressional district where I believe he would be a top candidate," Healy said.
In response to Chairman Healy’s call for Sen. Caligiuri to enter the Fifth Congressional district race, Caligiuri made the following statement:
"I want to thank Chairman Healy for his kind words and encouragement of my potential candidacy in the Fifth Congressional District. Over the last several days I have been exploring this option with Chairman Healy and other leaders in the party who have reached out to me in support of this move. My goal has always been to best serve the people of Connecticut by reviving our economy, reforming government, and restoring fiscal responsibility. Over the coming days, I will make a decision on how I can best continue to fight for those principles and serve the people of Connecticut."
But what happened to Justin Bernier? Bernier was endorsed already by Greg Cogswell, Torrington’s Republican Town Committee chair. Will this pit Republicans against Republicans? Old guard against tea party GOP?

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