Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nancy Johnson endorses Caligiuri

For Immediate Release

Waterbury, CT – This morning the Caligiuri for Congress campaign received its biggest endorsement to date. The Hon. Nancy Johnson, who represented Connecticut in Congress from 1983-2007, endorsed the candidacy of Sam Caligiuri for the Congressional seat she formally held.

“Having served in Congress for 24 years, I know first-hand the pressure and temptation to take the easy road on any given vote. Whether that pressure comes from party leadership, the White House, or special interest lobbyists, the people of Connecticut’s Fifth district needs a member of Congress who understands the varied interests affected by pending legislation, and then puts the public interest first and foremost.

Sam Caligiuri has demonstrated both as Acting Mayor of Waterbury and as a State Senator his understanding of the needs of his constituents and has repeatedly stood up for what he believes serves them best, even if that meant standing alone against fierce pressures. With the growing problems our country is facing, we need leaders like Sam Caligiuri in Congress. He has the vision to introduce creative solutions to pressing problems and the courage to do what is right and not what is just popular or politically expedient.

I believe Sam Caligiuri can and will win this race and will become an outstanding leader in Congress on behalf of the people of the Fifth District. I am happy to endorse Sam Caligiuri for Congress and encourage the people of the Fifth District to join Sam in his effort to become their next Congressman.”

“I am truly honored to receive the endorsement of Nancy Johnson, with whom I have worked for many years. Nancy served our district with uncompromising dedication and commitment. As our campaign for Congress continues to pick up support, I can think of no other individual whose support and insights I value more than Nancy Johnson’s,” said Caligiuri.


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