Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bernier challenges Caligiuri's numbers

Republican congressional candidate Justin Bernier says that the recent financial statement issues by his opponent, State Sen. Sam Caligiuri, doesn’t tell the whole story.
"If you read between the lines," Bernier told The Register Citizen, "he spent more than he brought in."
Bernier said that if you look at Caligiuri’s financial disclosures, "he lost $10,000."
Caligiuri announced that he raised over $100,000 from the time he launched his Congressional campaign on November 24 through the end of the quarter on December 31.
"It looks like he spent 110,000," Bernier said.
Bernier’s campaign is listing $207,000 in cash on hand as of its most recent financial disclosure.
"We’re actually putting money in the bank," Bernier said. He’s bragging about what he’s brought in, when we’re putting a lot away."

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