Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jepsen announces for AG

George Jepsen has announced that he is forming an exploratory committee. Here is the letter he sent to media outlets on Jan. 12:

"This week I will open my exploratory committee for the office of Connecticut Attorney General.

If I become Attorney General, I pledge to give my full time and commitment to the position. As part of this pledge, I will not run for any higher office while Attorney General in my first term. Specifically, I will not seek the 2012 US Senate seat or the 2014 Governor’s seat. The next Attorney General needs the professionalism upheld by Richard Blumenthal and the office should avoid immediate conflicts involving electoral politics.

When Richard Blumenthal became Attorney General, he committed himself to the work at hand in his first term and I will give that same level of dedication.

We need an Attorney General who, like Richard Blumenthal, will be a constant beacon for legal leadership and ethics over many years, and not a person looking at this position as a short-term stepping stone. I would ask that other officials running for Attorney General match my pledge."

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