Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What others are saying about Blumenthal scandal

Here's a roundup of links this morning to stories and analysis on the Richard Blumenthal military record scandal.

- The New York Times piece that started it all CLICK HERE

- Twitter feed of Blumenthal-related Tweets CLICK HERE

- Register Citizen editorial calls for him to drop out of Senate race CLICK HERE

- Chris Murphy seen as potential replacement candidate for Democrats CLICK HERE

- Democratic spokesperson: He's staying in the race CLICK HERE

- Wonkette: Connecticut Dem frontrunner likes to tell horrible lies about service in Vietnam CLICK HERE

- Blumenthal campaign releases video of him saying he "did not serve in Vietnam" CLICK HERE

- The Guardian in London: So long, Mr. Blumenthal CLICK HERE

- Linda McMahon campaign claims credit for "feeding" story to New York Times CLICK HERE

- CTMirror.Org has detailed story with Connecticut reactions from other campaigns CLICK HERE

- Chris Dodd defends Blumenthal, calls it a "bump" in the road for his campaign CLICK HERE

- Dueling videos at NewHavenRegister.Com ... Did he or didn't he claim to serve? CLICK HERE

- Blumenthal to speak at press conference this afternoon CLICK HERE

- Washington Post blog: The wrath of Linda McMahon CLICK HERE

- Wall Street Journal law blog: "Bright Shining Lies" ... Blumenthal and Vietnam CLICK HERE

- Politico: Rob Simmons stands to gain the most from this CLICK HERE

- Vanity Fair: Did the Jewish Jack Kennedy fabricate his Profile in Courage? CLICK HERE

- Hartford Courant columnist: $16 million McMahon campaign did what decades of media coverage could not CLICK HERE

- Next for Blumenthal? Damage control CLICK HERE

- Public Policy Polling: Democrats still favored to keep Connecticut seat should Blumenthal drop out CLICK HERE

- FOX News: Blog about Blumenthal's history in the Nixon White House CLICK HERE

- MSNBC: Sen. Bob Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee says he still backs Blumenthal CLICK HERE

- Rob Simmons tries to cash in on Blumenthal's trouble CLICK HERE

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Anonymous Dieter said...

I'm very excited for Linda McMahon to become our next senator. Her advent in Washington will be the final, most blatant proof that DC is a circus and a fraud.

July 16, 2010 at 8:37 AM 

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