Friday, May 7, 2010

Bill Evans climbs in the bullpen with Freshmen 50 PAC

Bill Evans, U.S. Congressional candidate for the 5th District of Connecticut, joined the "Bullpen" of The Freshmen 50 - a coalition of candidates nationwide dedicated to fiscal and legislative responsibility.

The non-partisan PAC has a simple platform of six reforms which Evans believes the 5th District voters want their representative and Congress to abide by.

Those reforms are:.
1. Apply the law Equally - all laws that apply to all citizens also apply to Congress.
2. Term Limits - limit terms in Congress to no more than 12 years in the House and Senate, respectively.
3. Enforce Congressional Ethics - Yearly tax and expense audits, former Congressmen and their staff cannot be lobbyists, allow the ethics committee to do their job.
4. Read the Bill - prior to a final vote, read the entire bill out loud on the floor of the House, if a representative is not present for the entire reading, he can not vote.
5. Tax Reform - repeal our current tax code in favor of one that taxes only once, at one rate, and requires a 2/3 majority vote for any new tax.
6. Balance the Budget - amend the constitution to require a balanced budget.

The Freshmen 50 was founded in early 2009. To date, 100 or more candidates have signed onto the platform with many of those candidates in the most competitive races nationwide.

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