Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chris Healy hits Denise Nappier over student loan media event

A press release from Connecticut Republican Party ...
NEW BRITAIN - Connecticut Republican Chairman Chris Healy filed an Elections Enforcement complaint Wednesday against 12 year-incumbent Democrat State Treasurer Denise Nappier accusing her of violating state election laws over her promotion of a student loan program within a 60-day window of the election.
The violation concerns promotional activities with the Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET) program, which allows parents to set aside tax deferred funds until they are needed for college tuition. The Treasurer is responsible for managing the funds.
“Treasurer Nappier consciously violated the law when she allowed her staff to use tax payer resources in the Treasurer’s Office to plan and orchestrate a media event designed to promote her reelection,” said Healy. “Nappier allowed her image and printed quotes on materials distributed by The Hartford to the public. Nappier has been in office long enough to know this is a prohibited activity within 60 days of an election.”
During Nappier’s official October 6th press conference announcing “CHET Advisor” Nappier attempted to compensate for the poor performance of the fund as compared to other states by announcing reforms to the program that had long been advocated by both investors and professional organizations.
“Nappier knows that she has been misleading families about the true performance of the CHET program,” said Healy. “This media event and the involvement and the manipulation of The Hartord are an attempt to use a fresh coat of paint to cover the mismanagement and underperformance of her administration.”
The Treasurer’s office should be made to reimburse The Hartford for all costs associated with the publication and distribution of CHET Advisor materials designed to aid in her reelection.”

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