Saturday, October 25, 2008

In case you missed it ... what others are saying about Wilber

Here's a selection of commentary from bloggers, journalists and partisans about the resignation of State Rep. George Wilber:

Lawmakers Wrong People To Judge Wilber Case
Column by Helen Ubiñas of the Hartford Courant

Shellysindlands Blog
I always felt a little sorry for State Representative George Wilber. At The Capitol, he seemed a little like a lost soul–like a fish out of water, the country-bumpkin trying to fit in with the more worldly, more experienced lawmakers. As a former country girl, I can relate. Whenever our paths crossed, he was always by himself looking for a friendly face to talk to.

The Everyday Republican's Take
Blog written by state Republican leader Chris Healy.

Copy of Wilber's resignation letter from



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