Monday, March 22, 2010

Governor Candidate Dan Malloy applauds health care reform

Demorcratic candidate for Governor and former Mayor of Stamford, Dan Malloy had this reaction to the passage of the health care reform bill:

"I want to congratulate Congress for passing landmark health care reform, especially the five members of the Connecticut delegation who all voted in favor. There are still a number of critical points to be settled through the reconciliation process - and we know that the final law won't be perfect - but this legislation will improve the lives and health of millions of Americans. It's a historic achievement, on par with the creation of social security, Medicare, and Medicaid programs."

"When it comes to the law's impact here in Connecticut, it's important to remember that most major changes will take years to implement. As I've said many times, Connecticut can't afford to rely on the federal government when it comes to making progress on big issues. That's why I supported the SustiNet and pooling bills last year, and it's why as Mayor of Stamford I implemented the Every Child Matters program, extending health insurance to more than 2200 uninsured HUSKY eligible children."

"This progress should serve as a reminder of not only what government can accomplish, but also of the work still left to be done in Connecticut."

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