Friday, March 19, 2010

Litchfield Republican Town Committee Endorses Caligiuri

Sam Caligiuri announces that he has earned the endorsement of the Litchfield Republican Town Committee.

"Sam has the ideal combination of integrity, experience, and conservative credentials. No other candidate matches his depth of knowledge on the issues that matter most to voters in the fifth district. For these reasons, the Litchfield Republican Town Committee firmly believes that Sam is the most electable candidate, and that he is best poised to take on this tough challenge," said Christopher Blake, Litchfield Republican Selectman.

Caligiuri is honorer to have earned the endorsement of the Litchfield Republican Town Committee and of Selectman Blake. He feels that the work the Litchfield Republicans do is critical to ensuring victory in November.

The Litchfield Republican Town Committee joins Senator Andrew Roraback, and Representative Craig Miner in endorsing Caligiuri's candidacy.

Sam Caligiuri was chosen by the House Conservatives Fund as one of only ten candidates to be endorsed nationally.

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