Friday, April 16, 2010

Caligiuri Posts Breakout Fundraising Success

The Caligiuri Campaign announces that Sam Caligiuri, Republican candidate for Congress (CT-5), reported exceptional fund-raising success for the first quarter of 2010. From individual contributors, Sam Caligiuri raised more than all of his Republican competitors in the Fifth Congressional District combined, out-raising his nearest competitor by more than two to one:
Sam Caligiuri (R) $203,566
Justin Bernier (R) $98,167
Mark Greenberg (R) $77,149

After only four months in the race, Caligiuri ends the first quarter of 2010 with $204,320 cash on hand, and a fund-raising total for this quarter of $244,095.

Caligiuri beat Chris Murphy in individual contributions, illustrating the strength of his campaign and the frustration with Democratic incumbent Chris Murphy.

"I was thrilled to have had such a successful fund-raising quarter, and exceptionally grateful to my many supporters. When you compare apples to apples, this outpouring of suport from individuals is overwhelming and their message is clear - my record and my message is resonating with voters, which makes me the strongest Republican candidate to take on Chris Murphy in November," said Caligiuri.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


Cash on hand is the only relevant gauge.

Bernier $241,869
Caligiuri $165,428

How many delegates each candidate has might be interesting too; seeing as Bernier has pretty much toasted Sam in that arena it's time to tell Sam "so long".

April 22, 2010 at 1:04 AM 

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