Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Farrell for CT Secretary of State

Jerry Farrell, Jr. announced that his campaign has raised $40,575 in his first two full months as a Republican candidate for CT Secretary of State. Farrell's first quarter totals account for more than half of the $75,000 needed to qualify for public financing under the state Citizen's Elections Program.

Farrell said "I am very appreciative of the support shown - it propels us forward in securing the Republican nomination and achieving victory in November."

Farrell states that he will be a leader in helping small businesses grow. He will guide new businesses through the filing process and be an advocate for them with other state agencies and in the legislature.

Farrell will fight to save taxpayers money by consolidating all state record-keeping in the Secretary of State's jurisdiction; which will help avoid duplicative spending among agencies.

Donations to Farrell's campaign committee came from 503 donors. Ninety-five percent of the donors are Connecticut residents.

Jerry Farrell, Jr. has served as the state's Commissioner of Consumer Protection since 2006 and served as the Deputy Commissioner from 2004 until his appointment as Commissioner.

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