Saturday, October 16, 2010

Martha Dean praises ruling, vows to challenge Obama health plan in court

Republican Attorney General candidate Martha Dean is applauding Thursday’s U.S. District Court ruling in Florida that allows a lawsuit challenging a key provision of the federal health care reform legislation to move forward. The current suit – brought by twenty states – challenges the constitutionality of a mandate forcing citizens to buy health insurance.

Dean said, “I am pleased that Judge Roger Vinson decided that it is appropriate to move this important case forward. I look forward to closely following further proceedings in the coming weeks.”

Twenty states say that Congress is exceeding its constitutional authority by penalizing people for not doing something -- buying health insurance. The bill also fails to refer to any penalties it contains as taxes, even though the Obama administration recently argued that the penalties should be considered a tax levied by Congress, thereby giving it the constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce.

Dean added, “Connecticut deserves a strong Attorney General who will advocate vigorously for Connecticut’s citizens’ constitutional rights. My Democratic opponent is too accepting of federal power that goes far beyond what we have authorized constitutionally.”

She continued, “As Connecticut’s next Attorney General, I promise to join the twenty states already challenging the new federal requirement to purchase health insurance.”



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