Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama signs being stolen?

Here's a letter to the editor The Register Citizen received that raises several interesting observations - - one about the theft of campaign signs, the other about the trend this year of businesses placing political signs in their windows.

Dear Editor:
As we swing into the last week, the political signs abound pretty much anywhere that’ll capture eyes and votes. I wonder how many votes are actually captured or swung because the viewer says, Wow! A McCain sign. I never thought to vote for him, but seeing this 24x18 rectangle of 4-mil corrugated polypropylene has opened by eyes. God bless this epiphany.
Driving the streets of Torrington I’ve noted a decided lack of Obama signs. I questioned personnel at the Democrat HQ on Main, and sage councilman Michael Colangelo and the astute Michelle Cook candidate for the 65th seat, told me they can’t keep up with the thievery. Doesn’t surprise me. McCain/Palin supporters are apparently as desperate as their pseudo-maverick idols.
I walk the Riverside Avenue, Norfolk Road, Migeon Avenue loop almost daily and see lots of McCain/Palin signs. Personally I don’t care what someone sticks in their own lawn, they can die and plant themselves for all I care. But when a business stumps for a political favorite, that’s a different story to me. Five businesses in that area have deemed it appropriate to use their land to display Republican signs (I’m Republican myself) so as an anti-support gesture I’m making it my goal to not patronize any of them now or in the future. Call me Vito Corleone but whatever happened to, It’s not personal it’s business? Whatever happened to the idea that the business of business is business? If any Torrington small business wants to mix profit with politics they can do it without me.
Since I don’t normally patronize any of these but the family style eatery, my one-man- one-family protest will be fairly meaningless, but it’s important to me. The businesses I will be supporting down the road will be the ones that don’t serve up my eggs and hash on a placard. Nothing ruins a meal, or insurance policy, or straightened fender, or dropped tree, or electrical wiring like a political message. And that’s my message. Call it a no vote, or better still, call it my upfront 1-ply message.

Paul Bentley
Torrington, CT 06790

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I live in Sharon and years ago (maybe now also for all I know) business owners registered Republican, even if they were not, because people had the same attitude of not patronizing the business if they did not agree with the beliefs of the owner and most were Republicans.

October 27, 2008 at 11:11 AM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Both points are a little out there, first I'm sure Obama signs have been taken and so have McCain signs, and probably signs for other races.. it happens! Mostly kids will be kids but also I think there are some out there purposly looking to take up presidential signs showing how divided we are, but to suggest that Obama signs are being taken and McCain's are not is a big stretch.

As far as businesses go, I would never not give business to someone because of their political beliefs, if we've come to the point as a society that we won't support one's business simply over how they feel and they should be forced to hide it so people will do business with them then we are all in a lot of trouble.

Sure I might not like the fact that the Guitar store on Main St. has a lot of Democrat signs or another business has all Republican signs, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't support especially a small business in town over who they politically support.

October 27, 2008 at 2:20 PM 

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