Monday, May 24, 2010

Bernier for Congress

Justin Bernier, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress filed paperwork today with the Secretary of State's office to enter the primary for the 5th Congressional district of Connecticut.

Bernier received more than double the votes necessary to qualify for the primary ballot at the Republican convention in Hartford this past weekend.

Bernier issued the following statement upon the filing the paperwork to be place on the ballot:
"I am grateful for the tremendous support we are receiving from grass-roots Republicans who want a choice in this election. The Republican voters in Connecticut tell me they are hungry for new ideas and new leadership. This primary will allow us to debate the direction of America and our party during a serious time in our nation's history. The voters deserve a choice and an opportunity for a fresh start, and that's what we'll give them."

Connecticut's primary is scheduled for August 1oth.

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