Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Malloy and Wyman lay out plans for protecting CT's environment

Dan Malloy and Nancy Wyman, the Democratic Party's endorsed candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, today released their formal plans for their environment.

Malloy and Wyman's plan focuses on protecting our water, specifically Long Island Sound; lowering air pollution by investing in energy efficient technology and public transportation; and a renewed approach to land use that preserves open space and redevelops brownfield sites throughout Connecticut.

"Clean air, safe water and healthy land -- these aren't just descriptors of a great place to live, they're the critical elements for building business and making Connecticut a desirable place to work and live," said Malloy. "As Governor, I will bring a new sensibility to preserving the environment - something I spent 14 years doing as Mayor of Stamford. Together, we can achieve cleaner water, cleaner air, a healthier community, and a higher quality of life."

Malloy stressed that the state must be strategic about how it invests in the economy. As one example, he said that he would not support putting windmills in Long Island Sound.

Wyman echoed Malloy's belief that environmental concerns and revitalizing the state's economy should go hand in hand.

"An updated environmental and energy plan is a vital piece of the infrastructure improvements Connecticut needs in order to start creating jobs and sustain those jobs for the long term," Wyman said. "It is time for an administration that is proactive about lowering costs for business and boosting our economy by making transportation and energy efficiency a priority on day one."

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Anonymous Eleanor Johnson said...

Empty plans from empty minds. Sadly, it's that simple.

July 16, 2010 at 8:34 AM 

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