Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greenberg2010 Releases First Television Ad

Mark Greenberg's campaign for Congress released it's first television ad, a 30-second spot highlighting Greenberg's message of creating jobs, cutting federal spending, cutting taxes and taking our government back.

"We can no longer abide by a government that refuses to live within its means," Greenberg said. "Career politicians like Chris Murphy have given us huge new government programs we don't want, a bloated bureaucracy we don't need and a ballooning government we can't afford."

Greenberg, a successful businessman who has created hundreds of jobs over the past 35 years, has pledged to bring his conservative, outsider message to the voters of the 5th district -- and common sense business practices to the Washington establishment.

"I will hold Congress to the same standards that apply to any successful business: don't spend more than you have and don't create products or programs that people won't buy," Greenberg said. "The bottom line is that the voters of Connecticut are not buying what Washington and Chris Murphy are selling. I will bring real, positive change to Washington."



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